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12 Knots Today such good as yachts comes to the special role in our practice as the much the best sports cars or the very luxurious model of watches. Yachts are the goods of astonishing engineering ingenuity and mode. These boats are to present you the perfect enjoyment of an occasion to experience the life of luxury, to get the unique opportunity of aboard rest. Such possibility presents for you. Here you can find a wide choice of yachts available for charter: premium, sailing, motor yacht, etc.

Our boats are able to offer you new unknown horizons day by day; you can get the scene that few ever get to know. Your all voyage will pass in conditions of the highest class comfort. It’s like feeling liberty having fresh excitements each day and sharing this life with the relatives.


We propose a great diversity of sailing trips and gratify all buyer preferences and wishes. Even if you seeking for an all-inclusive luxury yacht or remarkable sailing trip aboard we can search out something original for you.

We can let have you a personal cabin with air conditioner and bathroom, 3 meals a day provision. At your disposal will be a good deal of time for excursions and tanning.

We organize for you the superior vacation of luxury sailing. The great thing is that it is not as expensive as you get used to think. Among different varieties of sailing options you can choose the appropriate namely for you.

The cost contains of destination, duration and type of the yacht. More often the cost rate equals to the price of a hotel suite. So, choosing the charter you get all-inclusive sailing vacation on a luxury boat.


This day we propose sailing courses of 5-10 days continuance in most marvellous point of destination. During these courses you can learn sailing and at once you obtain a remarkable adventure. May be learning to sail is your ultimate dream. So, we can turn into reality this dream. There are some different alternatives as the courses may be brief weekend courses near your house or may be more of long standing experience in sailing and more intensive including a live aboard intensive cruising lessons.

Our specific way in sailing education offers you the best training accessible. The lessons permit you to obtain amazing skills which let you to charter cruising yachts in future and to explore numerous exotic spaces.

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